It’s All About the Data!

You need to capitalize on your data to drive cost savings and improve efficiency. With 25 years of experience in IT, we can help you determine the best technology to capture, process, and analyze your data so you can use it to make decisions and take action.

Data Capture
Data Capture

Data capture is the first step to making your data work for you. While identifying what data you need and attaining it may seem straightforward, numerous technology options, infrastructure limitations, and unique conditions complicate this process. Our team will evaluate your use cases and guide you towards the best solutions.

Radio frequency identification (RFID)/communication
Mobile applications
Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT)
Data Processing
Data Processing

Depending on your specific mission and data needs, you may need custom software or specific applications created to process the data you collect. We customize and tailor solutions including:

Software Development & Sustainment
• Agile
• DevSecOps
• Systems integration
Enterprise architecture
Cybersecurity/Risk Management Framework (RMF)
Data Analysis
Data Analysis

Once you’ve collected and processed the data, it’s time to analyze it for the actual insights you need to inform your decisions. In addition to cutting-edge innovations around artificial intelligence, we also look at your big picture: tracking, management, and business processes.

Asset management and tracking
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data
Business process improvement

Case studies

U.S Patent and Trademark Office Saves $1.2M Annually Tracking IT Assets


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) automated their tracking and inventory process with Evanhoe and Evanhoe’s ItemAware software. Evanhoe tagged and tracked 120,000 IT Assets across 8 buildings and 5 states.

US Marine Corps Catalyst Cloud-Ready Application


The US Marine Corps (USMC) uses applications and databases for their acquisition logistics lifecycle. Multiple sources are used to acquire, sustain, and dispose of items that support the warfighter.