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Why Evanhoe
It’s all about the data!

It’s all about the data!

Data is vital to accomplishing your mission. Accurate data informs, predicts, and secures the future. However, it can be difficult to collect the right data in a usable form.

That’s our specialty. Our experts capture, process, and analyze your information with proven methodologies and precise technology. Government agencies have been trusting us to deliver secure, reliable, and innovative IT and data solutions for 25 years.

“We learned that the technology behind RFID isn’t complicated or hard to implement, but it represents a new way of thinking about asset management, and how to let technology do the grunt work.”

Wes Clark, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

Several large-scale projects were completed ahead of schedule. Mortuary Operations Management System (MOMS) Authority to Operate (ATO) and MOMS cloud migration were both completed early, and the contractor followed strict pathways for completion.

Contracting Officer, USAF Mortuary Affairs

The support contractor Evanhoe provided exceptional support to the Defense Enterprise Accounting Management System (DEAMS) Program Office in the area of hardware, software, licenses, and maintenance support. … [They] built and managed a $33.5M multi-year/multi-appropriation spend plan consisting of approximately 50 efforts for products, data center services, maintenance, and support contracts.

Contracting Officer, USAF Business and Enterprise Systems

The project was done very professionally and it was a pleasure to work with your team.


This team embodies everything a project manager is looking for in bias for action, innovation, and dedication!

Colonel, USMC

Case studies

U.S Patent and Trademark Office Saves $1.2M Annually Tracking IT Assets


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) automated their tracking and inventory process with Evanhoe and Evanhoe’s ItemAware software. Evanhoe tagged and tracked 120,000 IT Assets across 8 buildings and 5 states.

US Marine Corps Catalyst Cloud-Ready Application


The US Marine Corps (USMC) uses applications and databases for their acquisition logistics lifecycle. Multiple sources are used to acquire, sustain, and dispose of items that support the warfighter.

Contract Vehicles

We have three best-in-class contract vehicles plus many more (please click on a vehicle to see more information)

Veterans Technology Services 2 (VETS 2) GWAC
NAVSEA Seaport-NxG
8(a) STARS II Contract
Navy Higher Education Information Technology Consortium (NHEITC) IDIQ
Other Sub-Contractor Vehicles

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To succeed today, you need the right technology to gather information and the right analysis to make that data work for you. We’ve been applying IT solutions for 25 years, believing that good IT combined with good data sparks intelligent action.

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