Dayton, OH, April 25, 2017– Evanhoe & Associates, Inc. is launching a new intelligent tracking division, Aware Innovations.

Aware Innovations give you the power and visibility to make intelligent decisions through improved process, supply chain and asset visibility solutions. Aware Innovations enable automated data collection, analysis, and notification; giving you the flexibility and knowledge needed to make informed business decisions.

In order for you to track and manage what matters most, we offer consulting services, solution design, hardware & software integration, and training & support. Our scalable tracking and management solutions integrate existing and emerging technologies (Barcodes, RFID, RTLS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet of Things (IoT), Mesh Networks, and GPS), and are implemented in multiple industries (manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, healthcare and government).
Our ItemAware software provides powerful asset tracking, work in process tracking, and inventory management using technologies like RFID and barcodes. ItemAware has an intuitive interface with a “mobile first” design, installed on your equipment or using our cloud-based service.
Our EdgeAware data collection and system integration software provides the ability to collect detailed location, tracking, and sensing data from multiple devices and systems. EdgeAware helps you manage your edge data collection devices, like RFID readers and IoT enabled equipment, while allowing you to integrate this data with other systems including WMS and ERP systems.

If you would like more information about this topic, please visit awareinnovations.com or email at sales@awareinnovations.com.

Intelligent Tracking. Powerful Results.