We’ve been IT experts since 1996, when Chuck Evanhoe founded Evanhoe & Associates to provide information technology, automatic identification technologies (AIT), and automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions to commercial and government entities. Read more about our team here.

Marc Goldschmitt, PMP

Owner / Chairman of the Board

Rachael Sutler, PMP

Co-Owner / Secretary of the Board / Chief Operating Officer

Bob Fudge, J.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Charles Koch

Vice President of Public Sector Business

Marty Pendergrass

Vice President for Contracts & Administration

Gwyn Kuehne, CPA

Director of Finance

Kenny Wilson

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Molly Schwartz, PMP

Portfolio Delivery and Quality Manager

Laura Kelmelis

Director of Special Programs

Phil Parrill

Human Resources Generalist