Kenny Wilson

Solution Architect

"I enjoy applying my experience and expertise to design a solution that best meets the customers' needs. Working directly with staff and partner engineers, we are able to produce a solid solution that is implementable and best suited for the customers!"

Kenny Wilson is the Solution Architect for Evanhoe & Associates. He is responsible for performing detailed requirements analysis, providing technical solutions, and developing engineering estimates for Evanhoe’s submitted proposals. In the past, he has served as an executive officer within a small business, as well as engineering lead for multiple domain and enterprise level government projects.

Mr. Wilson served 20+ years in the USAF with a broad background in AF operational systems ranging from AF supply chain management to joint munitions accountability and lifecycle management. His experience as chief engineer and operations manager with GCSS-AF data services provided the AF with a data warehouse that was the foundational layer for enterprise reporting capabilities.

Kenny Wilson

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