Evanhoe saves US Air Force Mortuary Affairs over $300K through successful cloud migration.

Evanhoe & Associates has been given the unique opportunity to honor our fallen heroes through supporting the US Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations (AFMAO).

AFMAO’s mission is to “fulfill our nation’s sacred commitment of ensuring Dignity, Honor and Respect to our fallen and Care, Service and Support to their families”.  AFMAO collects, maintains, and transfers records of the remains and property of fallen heroes to their families through their Mortuary Operations Management System (MOMS).

MOMS is more than a simple asset management system.  There is zero margin for error as the system tracks remains from acceptance, to the mortuary, to release, and the information maintained receives the highest level of visibility within the government. The moment remains arrive at the mortuary, a unique barcode label is created and assigned, which allows mortuary personnel to track the remains throughout the mortuary process.  That barcode is scanned into MOMS, and all pertinent information associated with the remains are inputted.  As remains move throughout the mortuary, the barcode label is scanned and the technician caring for the remains documents the actions performed.  These steps are repeated as the remains travel through each section within the mortuary. Records are maintained for every case the mortuary receives and are easily accessible using MOMS. 

Evanhoe is creating accountability and efficiency in these systems by providing system sustainment support to MOMS at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Our goal is to provide accountability of human remains and personal effects, ensuring AFMAO can professionally honor our fallen heroes and support their families and our country throughout the entire process.

As of June 2020, the Evanhoe team satisfied all system security requirements mandated within the Federal Government’s “Risk Management Framework” and was awarded a 30-month authority to operate (ATO) extension, two months ahead of schedule.

Another major Evanhoe Team accomplishment successfully migrated MOMS to a cloud networking environment. The cloud migration initiative was completed a year ahead of schedule and saved the Air Force over $300K by eliminating procurement and maintenance of in-house network hardware and system software/support.

We are privileged to continue our work with AFMAO and to honor our fallen heroes in this way.

To learn more about the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations and the work they do, visit https://www.mortuary.af.mil/About-Us/

Further reading and video: https://airman.dodlive.mil/2016/03/25/a-solemn-mission/

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