Chuck Evanhoe wins INCITS Gene Milligan Award for Effective Committee Management

Our CEO, Chuck Evanhoe, is a 2021 recipient of the INCITS Gene Milligan Award for Effective Committee Management!

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What does this mean?

Chuck has been leading the Internet of Things (IoT) Tag technical experts’ group since its inception in 2012. He is being recognized for providing outstanding leadership to the INCITS Organizational Entity (IOE) in its national and international work. Chuck is revered for achieving consensus in both national and international arenas.

His nominee comments, “Chuck’s guidance and wisdom have positioned the IoT TAG for success at many national and international meetings. Both WG10 and SC41 have had leadership, personnel, and other controversial issues. To address these issues, Chuck:

  • provided good US leadership to navigate these waters,
  • played a major role in putting the international committee on a reasonable course,
  • ensured US interests were met, and
  • ensured that US Experts’ behavior met expectations for international meetings.”

What is INCITS?

INCITS stands for the ‘InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards’. It is the central US forum that creates technology standards for the next generation of innovation. Members from numerous locations and backgrounds combine their expertise to create the building blocks for globally transformative technologies.

What is Chuck’s involvement?

As the leader of the IoT Tag Technical group, Chuck manages and represents the U.S. internationally for IoT and related technologies, including digital twin.

With extensive background in the IoT industry, both in the public and private sector, Chuck brings expertise and proficient program management skills to the INCITS team.

Chuck has made significant contributions in both a technical and leadership role in the following capacities:

  • Chair of the INCITS IoT TAG for the JTC1 SWG5 on Internet of Things
  • Chair of the INCITS IoT TAG for the JTC1 WG10 on Internet of Things
  • Chair of the INCITS IoT TAG to ISO/IEC/JTC 1/ SC 41 – IoT Standards and WG11 Smart Cities
  • Active member of the INCITS Artificial Intelligence (AI) TAG to ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 42

A word from Chuck about IoT

Chuck has been identified as a ‘futurist’ in the past by ISO (the International Standard for Organization). Featured in an ISO article about IoT, Chuck comments “IoT will be a tremendous enabler of better information in both the consumer and business environments. I believe that the impact of IoT will be across the board. All of the systems that we don’t think about in our day-to-day life will be more effective in keeping humans productive, so the impact won’t be in just one area.”

“I can’t thank the nominators and INCITS enough for this honor.”

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