If you’re in the horticulture business, you understand the unique challenges presented by the different environments in a nursery or greenhouse business. Evanhoe & Associates understands these needs and has provided a variety of IT products, tools, and services for horticulture businesses that accommodate their unique environmental needs.

Our services include:

  • Automated packaging and labeling systems
  • Barcode systems designed for harsh environments
  • Data collection and presentation for lifecycle determination

Your needs may be unique, but so is our experience. Get the best solution for your horticulture business requirements from Evanhoe & Associates.

Horticulture Case Studies

Spring Hill Nurseries

At Spring Hill Nurseries, we provided a packaging machine rebuild that was custom designed for the nursery’s needs. Spring Hill Nursery’s high-volume mail order fulfillment facility requires a labeling system suited to unique environments (greenhouse, storage freezers, potting applications). We customized our Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) hardware and consumables to Spring Hill’s needs, and our solution improved the labeling of products, shipments, and inventory, using networked and non-networked thermal barcode printers. 

The result was a complete, automated labeling, packaging, and shipping system that employed the most cutting-edge technology to speed Spring Hill Nursery’s shipping process, enabling them to meet their high-volume demand requirements.

To deploy Spring Hill’s custom solution, Evanhoe & Associates performed integration across various Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) and legacy inventory control systems, as well as the current Windows-based platforms that are used in managing the enterprise. Evanhoe & Associates developers integrated some COTS solutions with further legacy software development on Windows and .Net platforms using Cobol, Basic, and C#. Databases such as MS Access and SLICE were used for the shipping and labeling data.

One of the more complex aspects of the development process was performing CNC machine programming on Allen-Bradley controllers in order to facilitate the integration of packaging machines into the enterprise. The final solution allowed Spring Hill Nurseries to not only meet their requirements, but to thrive and grow in this very competitive market segment.

Scotts Miracle-Gro

Our work for Scotts Miracle-Gro was similar, but tailored to their specific needs. We provided SAP Software Integration Support, along with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) printer implementation, label printer replacement, and a variety of depot repairs. 

When Scotts Miracle-Gro needed to connect five new warehouses to their existing label printing system in less than two weeks, they hired Evanhoe & Associates, who had originally designed their labeling printing system. Evanhoe & Associates designed an internet-based label printing system, which fed the label formats from a centralized system to the local warehouses where they could be printed from the Internet. The Evanhoe & Associates solution ensured that the new warehouses used legacy labels for Scotts Miracle-Gro products, and the solution was both designed and installed within the short turnaround time.

The initial data set for this project consisted of two SKU (Stock-Keeping Unit) sets. Evanhoe & Associates created and stored the data and their associated labels on a dedicated Scotts server hosted at the Evanhoe & Associates offices. That data was then uploaded to a website hosted by Evanhoe & Associates, from where Scotts employees could select a label, select data for the label, and then print it at a local TEC B-SX4 thermal barcode label printer. This system tied the new warehouses to the central location, ensuring continuity across the business.

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